Your Dream Wedding at the Beach

Wedding in Paradise

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Have you ever been thinking of getting married on a beautiful beach?

Should it be just a traditional, simple wedding or rather a Buddhist wedding?

We can make your wedding unforgettable...
Imagine having your family and friends gather on this wonderful island for you to get married right on the beach, celebrating one of the most important events of your life...
There’s not much we cannot organize for you and will do our best to assist you in the organization of your wedding far away from home... (space needed) just let us know your wishes.


Download our official wedding package as a basis and let us know what else you would like us to do for us.

Please note that for a legal wedding, the paperwork has to be organized in Bangkok. It will take about 3 days to collect the necessary documents in various government offices. We can then invite an official to celebrate the wedding.

(A Non-official wedding as featured in the standard wedding package will not be accepted as legal by your home country).

Feel free to contact us at any time in case you wish to have more details about getting married in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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