Paradise Beach Resort a TUI Champion

TUI Champion


Paradise Beach Resort has been awarded with the TUI CHAMPION certificate in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 - presented for for taking care of our environment. This award is given to very few hotels all over the world, and the requirements to achieve it are quite hard to meet. A lot of time and energy by all Paradise Beach Resort Staff has been put in to making it possible to receive this award, and we are proud of what we have achieved. It became a way to life for many of our staff helping their families as well improving local habits.

Samui suffers from a water shortage, a lack of investment into the environment and infrastructure, and much more. Therefore it is important to us to be one of the leaders on this island, teaching our staff and their families as well as in local schools how to take care of our beautiful place.
You will find a lot more information about what we do on our information board located on the hotel property.

Samui is the only place in Thailand having a unique organization called the GREEN COMMITTEE. This committee was founded by two hotel General Managers and the local authorities to improve the general situation on Samui. Its main purpose is to teach the school kids, our next generation who will live on Samui, about all environmental issues, as well as about recycling and nature protection.
27 Hotels have joined this committee and each is now supervising one of the schools on Samui.
As Paradise Beach Resort was assigned one of the poorest schools, teaching over 400 students under very difficult circumstances with very little help from the government, we decided to do more to help:

WAT JANG School Project

More needs to be done and another private project was founded by Paradise Beach Resort.
We implemented a system to let our guests donate small amounts while staying on Samui to help improve the school’s standards. This donation is voluntary and all who prefer not to offer a few Baht during their stay will not be charged. The idea is to use this money to improve the basic standards at the school.
The Paradise Beach Resort doubles the donations received from the guests to support the school and get things done.
One big project was realized in 2011. The school suffered from flooding as soon it started to rain and had to be closed for days as the canteen and some of the class rooms could not be used. No drainage system was to be found on the property and not a single rain gutter was installed on any of the buildings. 20 Staff members of the Paradise Beach Resort solved these problems in four days of hard work, and since then, the school has never again closed due to flooding.
The next, ongoing project is to improve the cooking and meeting area at the school.
Are you interested in helping? Please contact the Resort directly.
Wherever needed, the Paradise Beach Resort Management cares to look after the community as well as possible in order to have a great relationship with our neighbors.
We live on an island and have to look after each other as well as we can.