Paradise Beach Resort, Staff


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Paradise staff members have come to Samui from different provinces of Thailand to gain experience in their work and life as well as getting the wages to support their families. Income in the hotel industry is much better than what they could possibly earn back home on their farms.


Some of the money earned is sent back to the families to help and is serving as a traditional social system to guarantee that the families can buy food and pay for the daily costs. Children of some couple are are sent back home to be looked after by their grandparents. The rising cost of living is forcing both mother and father to work away from their families and homes. This is a very normal process in their life, though, and no one would ever complain of being separated from father, mother, brothers or sisters.

Many of our staff members have been employed with absolutely no experience in the hotel industry. It is amazing to observe how fast new staff members adapt to the new life and work, with how much energy they try to put into their job, and their will to learn something new is unparalleled. All this is combined with the relaxed Thai-style friendliness, and everyone can see how much they enjoy what they do.
Giving someone the chance to manage their life is one of the most satisfying opportunities we get.
Quite a few have worked themselves up into a higher or leading position, which is something we can be proud of.
They all do a great job and deserve a big THANK YOU at this point.